About us

We have learned a lot. We were impressed by the number of applicants and their turn out. We are delighted by the worldwide interest we received. Everybody is already looking forward to the World Blogger Awards 2020

— said Maria Grazhina Chaplin, event producer.

More than 117 million people have been following the first-ever World Blogger Awards dedicated to naming the best influencers in the world. Nominees came from the United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, India, China, UAE, and other countries. Their influence spans through Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. The Awards ceremony was streamed live on digital channels.

The first World Bloggers Awards with a global reach and universal ambition was held in Cannes on 24th May, during the Cannes Film Festival. The best and the biggest influencers were named for the first time in history. 200 influencers were selected to the shortlist and 42 finalists got the award. There were final and superfinal categories.